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Pleioblastus Pygmaeus 'Pygmy Bamboo'

Classification:  Running bamboo         

Origin:  China
Max Ht:  2 ft.                                       

Max Dia:  .1"

Min. Temp:  0 F                                   

Light: (shade-sun 1-5) 3-5                       

Uses: Dwarf bamboo bonsai, ground cover

     Pygmy bamboo is one of the smallest bamboos, and its leaves are also very small. It is one of the best of the dwarf bamboos for use as a bonsai. This variety has minute hairs, noticeable only upon very close inspection, on the leaf sheaths and also on the leaves. Both this bamboo and Pleioblastus distichus are commonly used in Japanese gardens, often clipped to a height of only a few inches.

Running Bamboo

Pleioblastus Pygmaeus 'Pygmy Bamboo' Plant