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Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Madake' 

Classification:  Running bamboo     

Origin Japan    

Max Ht:  72' ft.                                

Max Dia:  6"

Min. Temp:  -5 F                   

Light: (shade-sun 1-5) 3-5                      

Uses: Straight, hard poles are useful and decorative.  Terrific potential for specialty pole production such as fishing poles.  In Japan, it used for teahouse rafters and special utensils. Edible Shoots.

     Madake is the bamboo of choice for weavers in Japan.  It is unparalleled for its suppleness and smoothness.  The ribbon-like strips made of Madake resemble the plastic lanyards we played with as children.  Hand tools are easy to use with Madake for crafts of all sorts.  Madake, like Henon, has a culm wall of moderate thickness which allows it to bend easily.  It rarely breaks under the weight of snow and ice.  The leaves of Madake are medium-sized and a mid-tone green.  The culms are a nice mellow green color and very smooth.  Madake is a fast grower.  The shoots are good eating when small.  Overall it is an excellent bamboo and, along with Castillon, is the bamboo of choice for tall indoor installations.  The shoots emerge in late May or June.

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