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Clumping Bamboo

Bambusa textilis 'Weaver's'

Classification:  Clumping bamboo        

Origin:  China
Max Ht:  30-40 ft.                                     

Max Dia:  2"

Min. Temp:  18o  F                                 

Light: (shade-sun 1-5) 3-5                       

Uses: Focus garden specimen, large screen or hedge, weaving 

     An extremely handsome clumping bamboo that arches gracefully at the tops of its 30-40 feet tall with its 2" inches wide culms. We have clients who keep these trimmed to 15 feet tall for a nice beautiful hedge to provide them with privacy screen from their neighbor.


The thin-walled culms, without branches on the lower half, provide for long straight culms of medium-wall thickness that are used for weaving and furniture. Culm growth occurs in summer with new culms having a light bluish cast before maturing to a pale green.  This is an excellent bamboo for use in a specimen planting or planted as a tall  hedge.


Elegant, with a classic form, this bamboo can tolerates heat, wind, cold, sun, rain and never has a bad hair day.


Canes/culms split beautifully and are traditionally used for weaving and crafts.  Makes elegant kadomatsu and curtain/towel rods. 

Bambusa Textilis 'Weaver's' Plant