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Bamboo Landscaping

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Installing new bamboo for privacy screen and installing limestone with blackstar gravel for bedding.

Pruning bamboo foilages to show off culms for nice texture.

One year growth from 2014 to 2015 with a row of #7gal bamboo pot size installed for privacy screen from the new giant structure in the backyard.

 alphonse karr horse trail

Growing bamboo for privacy hedge and horse trail.

At Houston Bamboo Nursery, we welcome home owners, landscapers, contractors and nurseries . we carry an extremely large inventory of quality

bamboo plants that will meet your landscaping needs and your customers’ expectations.





We stock several varieties of bamboo at any given time, great selection of Bambusas and other non-invasive and invasive type that will do well in your area.  All potted plants size available from 1gal to 30gal. 

 alphonse karr bamboo concrete moonrock path

Created a path with mexican beach moon pebbles between the Alphonse Karr bamboo screen and swimming pool.